William Pennell Rock

Social Anthropologist

William Pennell Rock developed ORIGINS, a methodology for presenting insight into self-development and realization in workshops and performing arts. He began his professional career as a child actor appearing on television and theater. 

In 1970, he became involved with the human potential movement and with experimental theater. He was an instructor with the Africa Institute in New York and California. He spent several years in India and Nepal continuing his studies in Brahmanic philosophy and traditional forms of dance and theater. He has taught workshops at The University of California and in Extension Programs throughout California, Arica Institute, Esalen Institute, and many other growth centers around the United States and Europe. He is co-founder of the Center for Transpersonal and Expressive Arts Therapies in Los Angeles. He is also a Fellow at the Center for Art and the Future at Toyabungkah, Bali. He has taught, led workshops, created and directed productions throughout Europe, Asia, and North America.

Pennell Rock, MLitt (Cantab), PhD, studied at Yale, Harvard, and Kings College, Cambridge. He subsequently became Senior Research Fellow at the Center for Advanced Study in Philosophy at Banaras Hindu University. There he headed up a team of scholars doing extended research on the linguistic architecture of Sanskrit in the Upanishads. Throughout his education he's been involved with university theater groups, and on three occasions he toured Europe with a Shakespearean group from Cambridge University.

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All that matters is the truth of love.”

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What we look for when we have everything
What we look for when we have everything

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