Dhairya Dand

Dhairya is a researcher and designer at the MIT Media Lab who draws his inspiration from cultural myths and stories. His work can be seen through his fascinating projects: ThinkerToys – creating fun toys out of eWaste, Cheers – ice-cubes that change colour depending on how much you drink, Obake – an elastic shape-changing screen, SuperShoes – shoe soles with a sixth sense, and much more.

Dhairya’s work is a mix between innovative engineering, thoughtful design and delightful experiences. This can take form in objects, installations, web, prosthetics, toys, experiences and education. He is interested in the areas of wearables, toys and learning, mindfulness, superpowers, urban exploration, and more. He is currently working on wearables that help people get lost and be in multiple places at once, imparting new skills and capabilities.

WEBSITE: dhairyadand.com