INK is India’s leading platform for exchange of cutting-edge ideas across a wide spectrum of science, technology, community and culture. INK accelerates the journey of game changers that includes people with transformative ideas by helping them build their personal brand and narrate their stories on the global arena.

Our corporate initiatives include INK Studios and INK Future.

Through INK Studios, we work with partners (companies or foundations) that are looking to create a better world, be it introducing new ways of learning Math and innovation, bringing pure drinking water to rural communities in India, or helping micro- and nano-businesses adapt to and leverage a digital world. We help incubate and grow these ideas, providing thought leadership, project management, and co-branding, until they achieve scale and self-sufficiency.

Through INK Future, we deliver exceptional leadership programs at individual and corporate levels. We leverage our vibrant community to pull together a unique set of motivational speakers, coaches, and mentors. We provide highly curated and customized programs in storytelling, executive coaching, and team building. The core of our offerings is the unique INK Future Makers (IFM) program, which takes global leaders through a year-long journey focused on discovering personal and professional purpose and building a personal brand.

INK Community, a global network of thought leaders and philanthropists, is at the heart of our existence and is driven by the trust and commitment of its members who care deeply about INK and support each other through a wide range of initiatives.

Our community development and engagement is done through our two foundations — Ixoraa Knowledge Foundation in India, and INK Global Foundation in the US, which are focused on identifying emerging talent in various disciplines, helping them accelerate their journeys through a year-long mentoring and skill-building program, and providing them a platform to showcase their talents.

The INK Fellows program aims to bring together a community of young, global, innovative change-makers and set them up for success. Every year, INK identifies and nurtures 20 young achievers who are passionate to redefine the fields they are in.

Our goal is to impact 100 million lives by 2050 while working in collaboration with the game changers of the INK Community.

Conferences and Events

INK Annual Forum

INK Forum is our annual celebration of innovative ideas and achievements. The conference brings together thinkers and game changers from across the globe. These include visionary CEOs, entrepreneurs, artists, technologists and scientists that gather under one roof for exchange of ideas and chance encounters for the next big breakthrough.

INK Live

INK Live is an event that brings together students and young professionals to experience a live telecast of the INK Forum, accompanied by workshops, contests, speaker interactions, and engaging discussions.

INK Salon

INK Salons are exclusive, intimate gatherings of like-minded members brought together in an inspiring setting to engage in thoughtful conversation about relevant subjects. INK hosts Salons around the world with distinguished speakers that pose thought-provoking questions in ways that create lively discussions. These gatherings are a chance to deepen the knowledge of the participants and build connections in their local community.

For more information on our corporate programs, events and conferences, reach out to us at ananda@inktalks.com

To support our INK Fellows program and for more information on the INK Community, write to us at nandini@inktalks.com