About INK Studio

INK Studio is an idea accelerator vertical of INK that takes up impact and purpose driven programs and catalyzes the journey of the program to the next level.

The program can be in the field of art or technology or social development or any other sector. Every program is different and so is the approach of INK Studios to the innovator and the program. INK Studio spurs the idea's growth by connecting the innovator behind the idea to the right set of people, providing advisory services, honing the story, and if required supporting fund-raising efforts for the program.

Vision Statement

Accelerating the journey of purpose driven programs to positively impact people, society and community

Our Programs

Safe, Clean Water Transforms Communities

Community Pure Water (CPW) works with rural communities to build efficient and sustainable water purification centers. CPW provides reliable access to safe drinking water in rural communities of India.

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India Youth Challenge

INK Studio is an idea accelerator vertical of INK that catalyzes a program’s evolution to the next level. Currently the Studio team is working with partners on three diverse programs.

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#RestartIndia was conceptualized as a means to assist small businesses get used to the ‘new normal.’ We guide, train and provide reference resources to small businesses and equip them with skills to do their business more efficiently.

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At INK Studios we focus on programs and innovations that will help solve the most critical human development challenges.

Our Team

Shraddha Narayanan
Director, INK Studios
Prerana Priyambada
Program Manager - INK
Sharyl Coelho
Program Manager - INK
Ananda Nandi
Director of Sales and Business Development - INK


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