Aurelie Chauleur

Aurelie works tirelessly to help people keep their traditions and cultures alive. She has worked with musicians in the Caribbean, Egypt, Mozambique, Morocco, India and Argentina. She takes the musicians she discovers abroad to numerous music festivals, has started collaborative projects with them, all in addition to making documentary films. In Mumbai, she worked with traditional musicians and street children, not only helping them to record their own music albums and videos, but also building bridges between the humanitarian world and culture.

Her first documentary was on the traditional music of Mozambique, entitled Mozambico, sketching the music, presented in the major Parisian music venue La Cite de la Musique where she invited 40 musicians to perform. She then went on to document the traditional life of a large gypsy family of musicians in Southern Egypt, through the eyes of the children, work that she shared with other children in France and India, through an interactive exhibition. After working for almost a year in Paris with the famous aerial photographer and filmmaker Yann-Arthus Bertrand, Aurelie is now working with another music community based in Rajasthan called the Langa, using the film as a tool to connect people – creating awareness, sharing the beauty of a unique heritage, empowering the new generation and hopefully contributing to the passing on the tradition.