Anand Kumar

Anand Kumar is ushering in a revolution in the hinterlands of India by equipping youth to dream big through his education initiative ‘Super 30’ in Patna, Bihar.  In 1994, he was admitted to Cambridge University but was unable to afford it after his father, a low paid postal employee, passed away.  In the last eight years of ‘Super 30’, Kumar, now a noted mathematics teacher, has coached a phenomenal 212 students, most first generation learners from rural, poor backgrounds, to pass the joint entrance test of the Indian Institute of Technology.  Time Magazine selected ‘Super 30’ in the Best of Asia 2010, and Discovery Channel made a documentary film on ‘Super 30’.

Untold Story

Anand was attacked by armed men hired by coaching Mafiosi, who did not want his style of coaching.  He survived, and undeterred, continued on his path to provide free food, lodging and free coaching to economically disadvantaged students.

Website: www.super30.org