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The Best Vacuum Cleaner Type For Your Space

Nowadays, a vacuum cleaner has become an indispensable tool for cleaning your house. However, not all the best vacuum cleaners can fulfill all cleaning tasks and also work well on any surface.

You have to know what you really need when choosing a suitable vacuum.

Let's answer the following questions, so you can make proper decisions:

  • Do you want to tackle a large or small project?
  • Do you need to move to your vacuum regularly?
  • Are you looking for a model that can work well in tight spaces?

#1. Choose an upright for mixed spaces

The upright vacuum cleaner can fulfill large projects very well, specifically, tufts of hair throughout the house.

Why is this type of vacuum one of the best choices for removing pet hair?

It has powerful suction.

However, the upright design comes with a drawback; it is pretty heavy, so it's difficult to push around.

I strongly recommend the upright for cleaning a big house with a lot of carpets, rugs and hard floors. Typically, this type of vacuum cleaner is designed with a brush roll feature, which allows you to turn on when cleaning carpets and turn off when cleaning hard floors.


#2. Choose a canister for maneuverability

Although you can maneuver the canister easily, it is a little hard to store. It has a bulky design that features a hose attached to a separate tank, requiring some dedicated storage space like a closet to store.

Once you find the proper storage, the canister will lessen your work burden with its outstanding features. It works well on hard surfaces like hardwood floors, especially for pet owners. Some of them clean your carpets as effectively as an upright model. Moreover, this model produces less noise, so there is no need to worry about disturbing someone else.

The unique design of the attachments allows you to clean hard-to-reach places like underneath furniture, staircases, upholstery, ceiling corners, and curtains.

#3. Choose stick vacuums for quick clean-ups

Like the canisters, the stick vacuums can also deal with those tight spaces, like the area between your wall and the refrigerator. But, these The Best Vacuum Cleaners are more lightweight and more comfortable to use.


This battery-powered model brings the convenience of cord-free use.

But, it is not an ideal choice for cleaning carpets because, among all five types, the stick vacuum has the least powerful suction.

If you want quick clean-ups, a stick vacuum is a perfect solution. It is suitable for picking up surface litter instead of using a conventional vacuum.

#4. Choose Handhelds for tight spaces
The stick vacuum is similar to the handheld model in terms of size, shape, function, weight, and suction power.

So, what is the difference?

While the stick vacuum is suited to clean floors and underneath furniture, it's better to use handheld vacuums for cleaning window sills and furniture itself.

Here is another great feature:

You can move this lightweight and cordless vacuum cleaner around for working more conveniently, even to clean the interior of your car thoroughly.


#5. Robotic vacuums for more free time

The biggest advantage of a robotic vacuum is that it can automatically work without needing your attention. Furthermore, it is able to clean some hard-to-reach spots like under your furniture. However, please don't expect it works as well as a powerful canister or upright vacuum. This type of vacuum can't take responsibility for house cleaning completely, so you might need the support of a broom or a more traditional vacuum.

If you invest in a modern robotic vacuum, it can be programmed with voice assistants and smartphone apps.

You need to choose a suitable vacuum cleaner for your space to reach the best performance. If not, it’s only a waste of money.

Have you chosen the Best Rated Vacuum Cleaners for your cases? If yes, please add your contribution in the comment section below. Also, don’t forget to share if you find this post informative.

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