Tejasvi Surya

Member of Parliament Bengaluru South constituency

Shri Tejasvi Surya is the Member of Parliament from Bengaluru South constituency, having been elected to the 17th Lok Sabha at the age of just 28. 

A lawyer by training and profession, Surya has a deep interest in history, philosophy, science and civilisational studies. His lectures and articles on these issues are widely followed. 

Since being elected to office, Tejasvi Surya has consistently taken up the Urban Mobility Crisis in Bengaluru and is working on getting speedy clearances for big-ticket public transport solutions for Bengaluru.

In addition to this, realising Bengaluru South has the most number of students who secured single digit marks in the Tenth standard public examinations in Karnataka, Tejasvi has started a the Bengaluru South Education and Social Transformation project which aims to transform the academic infrastructure of schools in Bengaluru South.Surya has been a vocal supporter for an exclusive legislation for his city Bengaluru. He has expressed concern over the existing one-year term for the Mayor and has suggested that the Mayor's tenure should be at least 3-5 years. 

As a parliamentarian, Tejasvi has taken up issues of regional and national importance. From demanding primacy of vernacular languages in central recruitment examinations to applicability of NRC throughout India, from reforms in electronics policy to safety of dams, Surya has been a strong voice for progressive reforms in Parliament. 

As a member of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Information Technology and Office of Profit, he also performs the important role of parliamentary oversight. 

As a member of the Joint Parliamentary Panel finalising the draft of the Personal Data Protection Law for the country, Surya is firmly advocating India’s data sovereignty and privacy of Indians as non negotiables in the Bill. 

Tejasvi Surya represents a new generation of Indian political leaders who will lead India into the 21st century."

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