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When in America, Date As American Women Do

American women are as liberal in dating as they are with their civil rights. So when in America, date as American women do. Certainly, embracing the American way still has a lot to do with how much of your culturally-influenced values and beliefs you want to hold on to. The Americans’ dating practices may be frowned upon in your native land, but when you are single after 40 and willing to give dating locals a go, keep in mind that their women’s behavior largely shapes the American men’s dating expectations. The following are tips on dating for women borrowed from the Americans:
  • American women don’t think twice to ask for a gorgeous guy’s number. Where you come from, it may be too forward to ask for a man’s number in a dry cleaner’s, but how to find love in America is as borderless as it is on the Internet; if you fancy the butcher or the grocer, go ahead and ask for his number. Finding a soulmate sometimes requires daring.
  • They do not date exclusively when there is plenty to choose from. American women are as eager on how to find love as other women: they hold an “open house” and seal the deal with the “highest bidder.” Similarly, as long as you are clear with the status of your relationship, you need not “invest your life savings in one stock,” in the same way that American women do not put all their eggs in one basket.
  • They are open to opportunities. How to find love is sometimes a matter of statistics and timing: Saying “yes” to every invitation (for a night out or a date) increases their chances of meeting the right men. Who knows, finding a soulmate may just be a friend-of-a-friend away. American women understand that Mr. Right may be somebody’s else’s colleague, boss, relative or friend.
  • American women don’t lay all of their cards on the table too soon. Learning when to apply the brakes is essential when one is finding a soulmate. American women are often portrayed in mainstream media as “easy.” What is not as popularized is that American women know when to sustain the chase and when to say “yes” to the deserving guy.
  • They explore the road less-traveled when going out on dates. American women love variety, and this reflects in their choices of dating venues. They consider dating in a new place an opportunity to experience new things and bond over an experience unique only to them and their dates.
  • They know when to be semi-unavailable. To answer the question “how can I find true love,” leaving a trail of mystery makes the chase all the more exciting. American women know how to be attractive to men by weaving this air of mystery: they do not hang around until the last drink. They understand that overstaying their welcome does not leave a lot to be desired.
  • American women call just to say “thanks.” An American woman does not wait for three days before ringing up and saying she had a great time. This leaves the door open for possibilities on how to find love without being too pushy. Should the date not pan out, this is where not putting all the eggs in one basket gets handy.

Finding True Love Online the Second Time Around

I find Stephanie Rosenbloom’s article on the New York Times, entitled “Second Love at First Click,” very apt in this day and age where it has become easier for dating expats and meeting different types of people online. The success of the dating site Loveawake.com is a testament that finding true love doesn’t have anything to do with age. Because of online dating, those that are in their 40s or 50s have more chance of meeting someone. Answering the question, how can I find true love? has become easier these days, thanks to online dating. One of the best tips on dating for womenis to remain open to all possibilities and this includes a non-traditional romance by meeting people online. Baby boomers are now recognizing the important role of these online sites in meeting their match. The success rate of people 40  and over are higher because they are pretty much set in their ways on knowing what they want from a relationship and from their potential mate. Where to find a boyfriend is no longer asked by such women since there are many ways to meet men these days and this include online dating. Many dating expats who are 40 and over are given a second chance at finding true love due to the popularity of online dating sites that are targeted for their specific age group. At this age, the focus is more on the important aspects in life such as companionship, love, compatibility and many more as opposed to those who are in their 20s and 30s that give more importance to career and economic stability. If you are looking to date online or dating expats online, one of the most important thing to remember is to have an interesting and yet, very honest profile. Be cautious about communicating with someone whose profile seems ‘too good to be true’ or have a lot of inconsistencies. For example, if someone puts ‘loves to travel’ but when you get to talk, he or she have not yet even experienced real travelling is already a clue that the person might be inventing a string a of white lies. Yes, online dating can be very fulfilling given the right tools but it can also be very frustrating if you are meeting with people who do not stay true what their profile says. Don’t be in a hurry to answer the question, how can I find true love? Just remain positive and use online dating as just one of the tools where you could potentially meet your match.

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