The INK Fellows Program 2017 opens with a bang!

The INK Fellows 2017 applications are now open!

The INK Fellows Program aims to build a community of young game-changers who are on a journey to transform their imaginative ideas into global impact. We want to enable young people who have the courage to follow through on their vision by providing the peer-support necessary to take their brilliant work to the next level. Every year we open up applications for a new powerhouse of talent. We currently have 162 stellar Fellows, who are part of our community.

If you an innovator specialising in any field; for example, technology, entrepreneurship, health/medicine, architecture and design, science, art/ culture/ literature, energy and environment, education, sports, film/music, and social impact, you now have a chance to apply to be a 2017 INK Fellow! Click on the form below to apply.

INK Fellows 2017 Application Form

We also encourage nominations from our wider INK community. If someone you know is redefining their field of work and who you believe would make an amazing INK Fellow, please nominate/recommend them using the form below (please don’t nominate yourself – you may use the application form to apply).

INK Fellows 2017 Nomination Form

For further details on how the Fellowship works, what is expected of a Fellow and what are the benefits, please go here.

June 9th was our official launch date and to commemorate the occasion, we had a fun Fellows get together at The Teal Door Cafe in Bangalore. The evening started with an introduction to the Fellows program, and its journey over the past 7 years to where it has come today. Some of the INK Fellows in attendance, then stepped up to talk about their own stories of how being an INK Fellow has influenced them and their current activities.

Some of the past Fellows (and our strongest supporters!) who turned up to ‘wave the ship off’ were ArshiyaBose (conservationist), Shubhendu Sharma (Founder and Director, AFFORESTT), Sarvesh Shashi (Founder, Zorba), Shannon Olsson (scientist and researcher), Sandhya Goli (chess player), Ere Gowda (filmmaker)and Anupam Mukherji (The Fake IPL Player).

We hope to welcome a whole new bunch of enthusiastic and talented Fellows this year too! Don’t forget to apply/nominate and spread the word. We’re waiting!

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