The Hindu Business Line interviews INK Curator Lakshmi Pratury

In this in-depth interview on IT entrepreneurship, Lakshmi Pratury talks about winning formula for IT start-ups, major IT development that will bridge the digital divide and finally, redefining success: “The single most important thing that we need to do is to rewrite our societal definition of success, which is currently defined as the amount of wealth one amasses. If the currency we collect is the only symbol of success, we lose sight of the path we take to amass the wealth and focus only on the end result. We need to find a way to reward failure, risk-taking, integrity, passion, and contribution to society as all these form part of defining the true net worth of the person. We need to place more emphasis on the quality of the journey and not just on the singular end goal defined in monetary terms.

Check out the full interview here


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