“The 7 lessons I’ve learned on my travels in technology.” David Rowan

We loved David Rowan’s wake up call this morning about the 7 lessons he has learned from travelling in technology! He co-hosted the Red Spark session today. Here is a small round up poem about his talk.

Drones, drones, drones- he thought
he knew them all.
Alas! The world moves
Whoosh! Bang! Screeeech!- drone racing
drone boarding; it all becomes
A Thing.
But first, #LetMeTakeADronie

“To be, or not to be” is not
just YOUR question anymore.
Brain: an all access card- thoughts
to move an object;
monkeys quoting Shakespeare.

The BOTS are here!
Watching, interpreting, conversing

-checks phone-
The Maslov Hierarchy of
needs starts with WiFi.
-checks phone-
-checks an app-
-checks app that checks how many times you check apps-
The WEB- we’re
IN it.

Artificial? intelligence
Emulating you and me
Being you and me- better
than you and me.

“Hi, we’re Oscar.”
who knew insurance could be an interesting
Reframing the experience
Redesigning the feel-
The new survival of the fittest

Corporate innovators here,
Corporate innovators there,
Corporate innovators everywhere.
Innovating this, innovating that.
Innovation WHAT?

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