SingularityU India Summit is back!

We are very pleased to announce that Singularity University Global, the Silicon Valley educational institution and business accelerator committed to creative positive social impact through exponential technologies, is holding its second summit in India in association with INK, on April 7-8, 2017 in Mumbai.

SingularityU Summits are two-day conferences held across the globe to help local leaders understand how exponential technologies can be used to create positive change and economic growth in their region. Following from the first ever SingularityU India Summit held last year in February, this year’s Summit will also enable participants to learn from top experts and gain insights on how life, society and industries will be disrupted and reshaped through emerging technologies.

Leaders from around the world and core faculty members of Singularity University will share their knowledge and expertise during the two-day Summit. We are proud to announce the initial line-up of speakers!


Salim Ismail
Best-selling author of Exponential Organizations

Salim is a sought after speaker, strategist and entrepreneur. He spent two years as SU’s founding Executive Director and currently serves as its Global Ambassador focusing on its global presence. Prior to that, Salim was a Vice President at Yahoo and the Head of Brickhouse, Yahoo’s internal ‘ideas factory’ where game-changing ideas were brought in, built and launched.


Brad Templeton
Networks & Computing Chair
Singularity University

Brad Templeton is a software architect, board member of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Internet entrepreneur, futurist lecturer, writer and observer of cyberspace issues, hobby photographer, and artist, as well as a consultant on Google’s team designing a driverless car. He is a director of the futurist Foresight Nanotech Institute, a think tank and public interest organization focused on transformative future technologies.

Raymond McCauley

Raymond McCauley

Track Chair, Biotechnology & BioInformatics
Singularity University

Raymond McCauley is a scientist, engineer, and entrepreneur working at the forefront of biotechnology,exploring how applying technology to life — biology, genetics, medicine, agriculture — is affecting every one of us. He is co-founder and chief architect for BioCurious (http://biocurious.org/), the hackerspace for biotech, and was part of the team that developed next generation DNA sequencing at Illumina, where he worked in bioinformatics, cancer sequencing, and personal genomics.


Neil Jacobstein
Artificial Intelligence & Robotics Co-Chair
Singularity University

A distinguished visiting scholar in the Stanford University Media X Program, Neil Jacobstein focuses his research on augmented decision systems. He chaired AAAI’s 17th Innovative Applications of Artificial Intelligence Conference and has served as a technical consultant on AI research and development projects for DARPA, NSF, NASA, NIH, EPA, DOE, the U.S. Army and Air Force, GM, Ford, Boeing, Applied Materials, NIST and others.

We will have many more influential speakers, whose names we will reveal in the following weeks so stay tuned!

To learn more of the 2nd SingularityU India Summit, please check out the website singularityuindiasummit.org where there will be regular updates on speaker line-up, program and registration details. Registrations for the Summit are open and filling up as we speak so click HERE to know more and register!

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