Preparing for the INK Conference 2012 , Pune

The final countdown begins. We are just one day away from INK2012 and the Pune Marriott Hotel and Convention Center is buzzing with activity.

The INK team and volunteers are working away from the production office and beyond, fellows and speakers are polishing there talks on stage, and the stage crew are perfecting the cameras, sound and lighting.  Backstage a jungle of electric wires, multiple projectors illuminating the ginormous stage screen, and the tech crew are ensuring all the key electronic connections to light up the INK2012 stage fall smoothly into place.

The impressive stage, designed by our much loved INKster Raghava KK – where the speakers will deliver their talk of a lifetime – will be unveiled shortly – we don’t want to spoil the surprise 🙂

This is what INK Curator & Host, Lakshmi Pratury has to say on the chosen theme for this year – ‘Designing the future — Now’ 

Eleanor Roosevelt said,“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” We, at INK, agree. INK is all about people – mavericks, out of box thinkers, geniuses, doubters, arguers, and inventors – in essence, those who actively design the future with pure passion.
When Marie and Pierre Curie invented radium, they were designing the future for the generations that followed. They took charge and devoted themselves to their research, even when there was no institutional support. When Steve Jobs was pursuing his dream of technological revolutions, he did not let anything stand in his way – not even getting fired from his own company. He went to work every day, every moment, designing the future he dreamed of. All of us can be active designers of our future, and not just passive observers of it. We get to decide NOW.. RIGHT NOW.. the future that we want and work together, as a community, to make it real.

We, at INK, invite all of you to participate in writing our future. To do this, we need to identify what aspects of our past need to be held on to, what aspects of our past need to be discarded and most importantly, what new aspects need to be created. We need to dream of a future and make sure that we do everything we can to prepare for it. So, to add to what Eleanor Roosevelt said: “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams, especially to those who are unstoppable in making those dreams real.”

This year, we are thrilled to have four co-hosts who will share the stage with me to contribute their ideas to our collective pursuit. Please join me in welcoming them and let us all take charge and design the future …now.
– Lakshmi Pratury

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Exclusive Sneak Peak: Lakshmi Pratury records on her phone — Jeff Marx, a speaker at INK2012 rehearsing for his performance.

Checkout the full list of Speakers and Fellows for INK2012 Here

Don’t forget to tune in for the the free livestreaming online! Limited sessions from the conference will be webcast live on our homepage https://inktalks.com

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