Power of the Journey

The theme for INK 2011 is ‘Power of the Journey’. Here’s INK Host and Curator Lakshmi Pratury’s take on it.

From the time we are children, we are asked to set goals, create milestones and make plans to achieve them. We treat the journey as a means to an end, an investment with a pay off, as a necessary evil. What if we turn the tables around and enjoy the journey, and let the end take care of itself? What if we were determined to have fun along the way and not worry about the outcome?  What if, just what if, the journey is all that mattered?

Abraham Lincoln did not have abolishing slavery as a goal when he started; Gandhi did not aim to throw the British out of India when he decided to do “something” about being thrown out of a first class compartment. Tagore did not certainly aim to get a Nobel Prize when he spent years in isolation writing poetry, nor did JK Rowling set out to be a billionaire when she created Harry Potter as a fictional companion for her child. In fact, when the financial industry got carried away by the destination without paying attention to the journey, it brought down the entire world to its knees.
At INK2011, we celebrate the journey. We will have the world’s most innovative thought leaders share the stories of journeys that mattered to them, that inspired them and journeys they believe would make a difference in the world.

Here are a few possibilities:
– A screen writer talking about the journey of the word – from an idea to book to script to the screen.
– A designer demonstrating the power of collective journeys that make a difference to millions displaced out of their homes.
–  A scientist revealing the journey of a Nobel-winning idea.
–  A business person turning the urge to do good into a profit-making brand.
And many more talks that take you through the journey of our brain, our five senses, of money, travel and more.
It’s the journey that matters. Join us.

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