Poetry Reading with Arun Kumar

If you are looking for inspiration, either in your writing or in your life, be sure to put some time aside to look at Arun Kumar’s poetry. His book, Plain Truths, is the perfect blend of meaningful insight and accessible language. He picks up on relatable topics with precision, and concisely puts well-known feelings into words. The INK offices had the honor of hosting Mr. Kumar for a wonderful night of poetry reading last Friday, July 8th. He read excerpts from his book, as well as engaged in a lively Q&A session with host for the evening, Lakshmi Pratury, where he said he finds inspiration from the people around him. Mr Kumar also took questions from the audience, and answering to a specific question on ‘writer’s block’, said the trick is to write everyday. There was also an opportunity for members of the audience to share some of their own poetry. It was a lovely evening, perfect for meeting new people and relaxing with friends. Lookout for information about other informal gatherings hosted by INK, to add some insight and inspiration to your day.

By Navya Prakash

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