Morning Musings ~ a poem

CEO and Founder of INK, Lakshmi Pratury sure is a busy woman! Calls, curations, speaker appearances, panel talk invitations, conducting corporate workshops, conference invitations, meetings in different parts of the country (sometimes, all in one day), her to-do lists for the year are endless!

In midst of all this craziness, she still takes time to pen down her thoughts. Of the variety of people she meets, experiences she comes across and how she feels about her work. In a new segment called “Morning Musings” on our blog, we will start to take little peeks into the mind of someone who conducts the INK Conference every year, prides herself as a “people collector” and is the top advocate of “Billionaires of Moments“.  Let her tiny scribbles of motivation and humour invigorate your day!

Thoughts on an early morning flight

When you cut me in the security line,

I nudge your elbow and say I notice you;

When you walk ahead of me as we board the plane,

pretending not to notice the line,

I tap your shoulder and make sure you notice me;

When the plane lands and you rush through the aisle

without letting me out,

I smile silently and pity your ignorance;

Because we all have to wait for the luggage

or the Uber or the personal driver;

At that point, cutting me only makes you wait longer

So, be nice because I notice you

I stop nudging your elbow or tapping your shoulder

only because I am silently imagining

whacking your head for your lack of manners

Dedicated to all those who cut the line, rush past the aisles and seem surprised when you make them take their turn
– Lakshmi Pratury

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