#INKTalks Highlights: Golden Age roundup 1

John Muthoot

Muthoot finance specializes in providing financial services to the low-income groups John takes us through a day in Muthoot finance, how they evaluate a low-income customer to provide loans, how they innovate and tailor their products to suit their customer profile. It was heartening to know that 70% of Muthoot’s employees are women!

Fun Fact- Muthoot finance holds 40 tons of gold against the gold loans they offer!

Gaurav Hinduja

Startups disrupt everything banks do. But lending is something banks still do.

Gaurav Hinduja presents India’s fastest loan disbursal system which can disburse a loan to SMEs in less than 10 minutes. It was very interesting to hear him explain the quick evaluation process consideration a variety of digital footprint parameters – social media and Aadhar are huge factors for evaluation!

Gavin Wood

The fact that traditional financial institutions have access to our data and the ability to give meaning to the numbers gives them the authority to manage contention.

With trust is the most important ingredient and we trust them not to use their authority, services from institutions boil down to computation done with authority.

The Blockchain protocol combines the power of all the data to manage contention, trust and authority.

Neha Bagaria

After working for 7 years, Neha became a raging full-time mom before she knew it. When she finally got back to work, she found it a daunting experience. What she learned from other moms about the reasons they weren’t getting back to work made her found her portal- jobsforher.com

Jobsforher focuses on removing roadblocks for women returning to work by partnering with companies that offer reskilling programs or flexibility options for work.
Her strong message?

“This is a talent pool that cannot be ignored!”

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