INK2016 Day 3, Session 1: Chasing Rainbows roundup 1

Kalyani Khona

“We are all one accident from disability.”
Match made in heaven? No. Match made on Inclov. Kalyani Khona with her match making app for people with disabilities is revolutionizing the norms of dating today. What started off as just a match making app became more than helping someone find love. It became about instilling confidence to live, to come out of their houses and meet people.

Sarvesh Shashi

Always a troublemaker since childhood, Sarvesh has built an empire of Yoga studios which inspires and encourages people by making fitness fun! Zorba is a Yoga and wellness fraternity started by Sarvesh in 2013. He also co-founded a marketing communications company offering branding and other marketing services. He is an embodiment of energy, crazy ideas and focus. Always fun to dance with you, Sarvesh!

Christopher Krichhoff 

He told us the story of Ebola and how he worked to help stop pandemic. He says that we are turning the world into a giant petri dish of diseases. Chris was appointed by Secretary of Defense Ash Carter to lead the Pentagon’s Silicon Valley Office, Defense Innovation Unit X, as one of four partners overseeing the Defense Department’s nation-wide investment portfolio harnessing emerging commercial technology.

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