INK 2015: A Lookback

INK 2015: Disrupt took place from 16th-18th October; nearly a year ago to the date!

We were fortunate to have a wonderful group from SPI Cinemas join us in Mumbai. One of whom, Ratheesh Krishnan, working with post-graduate student Siddharth S has shown his appreciation for the experience through a 132 page deck, beautifully designed and complete with his ‘sketch-notes and a thematic alignment to the speakers we were poised to listen to!’

Here’s a flavour of what happened at INK 2015 – written and pictorial. You can view the full deck at the bottom of this page.

Session 1: Erupt

Anuradha Acharya – Anand Varma – Alexandru Ionut Budisteanu – Jack Hidary – Stuart Candy – Haleem Khan
  • Anuradha Acharya on personalized health care
  • Anand Varma’s stunning photography – the smallest of insects to the vast wetlands of Patagonia.
  • Alexandru Ionut Budisteanu on the maker movement
  • Jack Hidary a green future pioneer
  • Stuart Candy on the importance designing and staging immersive experiences for the future.
  • Haleem Khan on the spirit of natya, that expression has no gender – through dance.

Session 2: Expand

Manvendra Singh Shekhawat – Mohandas Pai – Arshiya Bose – Naved Shaikh – Nina Tandon – Harsh Mariwala – Arunabh Kumar
  • Manvendra Singh Shekhawat with a  culture conservationist perspective.
  • Mohandas Pai on seeking to empower educators and enrich the future.
  • Arshiya Bose on encouraging farmers to grow coffee in sustainable ways.
  • Naved Shaikh a self-described desi rapper challenging conventional hip-hop.
  • Nina Tandon is on the frontier of biotechnology.
  • Harsh Mariwala talks about excellence and the continuous innovation that is necessary to succeed.
  • Arunabh Kumar on making of his hit series Pitchers.

Session 3: Engage

M.R. Rangaswami – Priyamvada Natarajan – Balan Ayyar – Priyanka Kohli – Richa Singh – Ganesh Natarajan – Ayushmann Khurrana
  • M.R. Rangaswami on eco friendly business practices.
  • Priyamvada Natarajan on plotting dark matter clusters.
  • Balan Ayyar on personal growth, and how adversity can transform into your greatest opportunity.
  • Priyanka Kohli on integral components of a business.
  • Richa Singh on her app, which provides mental health support to people in need.
  • Ganesh Natarajan on the digital transformation of urban slums.
  • Ayushmann Khurrana on journey from underdog to major Bollywood actor.

Session 4: Evolve

Kiran Rao – Anand Gandhi – Pavitra Mohan – Dr. Balamurali Krishna Ambati – Shamim Sarif – Irfan Khan
  • Kiran Rao and Anand Gandhi are filmmakers weaving fascinating tales – movies are culture creators.
  • Pavitra Mohan, a blogger, on spreading south Indian culture.
  • Dr. Balamurali Krishna Ambati the world’s youngest doctor at 17, specializing in ophthalmology.
  • Shamim Sarif on the importance of story telling and the various thought processes that go into filmmaking.
  • Irfan Khan on his award-winning career as an actor, and all that the film industry has taught him.

Session 5: Merge

Annamma Spudich – Ravi Chaturvedi – Sharath Gayakwad – Anuraag Saxena – Mainak Chakraborty
  • Annamma Spudich on the importance of drug development and ethno-botany.
  • Ravi Chaturvedi on how to make work fun, and finding the balance between doing what you love and doing your job.
  • Sharath Gayakwad a Paralympic athlete, on not letting his disability stop him from being a record setting athlete.
  • Anuraag Saxena on the balance between religion, heart, and home.
  • Mainak Chakraborty on discovering new bioenergy sources.

Session 6: Emerge

Vidya Shah – Flavia Agnes – Babar Ali – Rashesh Shah – Pranay Chulet – Kathryn Myronuk
  • Vidya Shah on merging profit-making principles with the non-profit world.
  • Flavia Agnes, an inspirational activist who uses her legal background to fight for women’s rights.
  • Babar Ali on beginning a school in his backyard that now caters to over 300 students.
  • Rashesh Shah started Edelweiss in 1996.
  • Pranay Chulet on the process of creating films, and the path that lead him to create Quikr.
  • Kathryn Myronuk on deep learning and her work on exponential technology.

Session 7: Evoke

Anu Aga – Seema Kamble – Sanaya Bharucha – Madhukar Dhas – Zoya Akthar – Sharad Devarajan – Kaushal Dugar – Josh Radnor – Emily Levine
  • Anu Aga on enriching India.
  • Seema Kamble on running an after school program to further the young minds of India
  • Sanaya Bharucha on the importance of the limitlessness of children.
  • Madhukar Dhas on aiding rural famers by instilling practices of holistic watershed management, mixed cropping strategies, and seed banks.
  • Zoya Akthar on her life as an award winning filmmaker.
  • Sharad Devarajan’s on his mission of the rise of the Indian super hero.
  • Kaushal Dugar on Teabox, a service that uses technology and supply chain innovation to ensure that its global customer base can access the freshest and best teas, within days of production.
  • Josh Radnor on being more than just “How I met your Mother”.
  • Emily Levine on what makes her tick; balancing on the fine edge of order.

Session 8: Embrace

Amanda North – KP Mohanan – Srikanth Bolla – Nishikant Deshmukh – Benitha Perciyal – Sandya Kola
  • Amanda North on Artisan Connect, which features curated artisanal décor and empowers thriving artisans.
  • KP Mohanan on radical educational reform, and diversifying education.
  • Srikanth Bolla has a vision; sight is just physical.
  • Nishikant Deshmukh on using ultrasound imaging to help the cancer community.
  • Benitha Perciyal an artist, highly influenced by her roots.
  • Sandya Kola, a self-taught violinist.

Session 9: Tandav

Angad Singh – Anshulika Dubey – Aparna Venkatesh – Catherine Mohr – Samyak Chakrabarty – Kirthiga Reddy – Kanniks Kannikeswaran
  • Angad Singh on the importance of creativity and its intersection between education, technology, and design.
  • Anshulika Dubey on the benefits of crowdfunding.
  • Aparna Venkatesh on studying Down syndrome on a genetic level with Nobel Prize winner Sydney Brenner.
  • Catherine Mohr on revolutionizing conventional surgical practice.
  • Samyak Chakrabarty on creating platforms for young India to enable positive social impact.
  • Kirthiga Reddy on the  intricacies of emoticons and acronyms.
  • Kanniks Kannikeswaran, a world-renowned composer – pairing of Indian vocals with traditional western choral traditions.

Here’s the full deck – read detailed speaker biographies, and see all Ratheesh’s doodles talk-by-talk.

We hope to see you at INK 2016: Kaleidoscope. Register here.

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