Confessions of an INK Speaker: Rani Paruchuri talks about INK, insurance and individuality

Rani Paruchuri, Founder and CEO of Dream Tekis Software Pvt. Ltd, spoke passionately about insurance awareness at INK Asia 2016 last year. Today, she takes us through her post-INK Asia experiences, how she is working to lessen the burdens of insurance agents through technology and her thoughts on the INK2017 theme – “Slingshot”!

1. What was the highlight for you as a speaker at INK Asia 2016?

INK Asia 2016 was one of the best platforms where I could share my experience with insurance. I was amazed with the professionalism demonstrated at every level by the INK staff, right from curation to execution of every talk and event.

Making a connect with the audience technologically and emotionally was the highlight for me in my talk. Insurance is not a well sought after topic and I am glad that people accepted it, took my few points and understood its importance. I want to see more people insuring and securing lives of those who depend on them financially. Truly, insurance is the love letter we write to our families.

2. Did you meet anyone during this conference that lead to an interesting future collaboration or idea?

I built a good network of people during the conference. Glad to share one among them eventually became an investor in our company, and many others became strong supporters of our passion.

3. You are working in the domain of spreading insurance awareness in India through your company. Tell us what are the recent developments in your work? What are you involved with currently?

Rani with the Dream Tekis team
Rani with the Dream Tekis team

Despite insurance being a vast financial sector, agents who play a crucial role in this business are still using basic tools to store their data. We are aiming at lessening their burden and increasing their business through technology. We have developed an Insurance Agent Software–An all-in-one system which helps track all their customers, sets automatic renewal reminders with SMS, schedules meetings, has  an inbuilt Premium Calculator for Life & General Insurance, uploads policy documents and many more features. We so far reached more than 25000 agents through our My Insure Book (MIB) mobile app.

4. Right now, what is the thing closest to your heart that you would speak about on stage?

In Hyd OfficeThe thing closest to my heart now is ‘Spirituality’. We are so attached to all the materialistic aspects of our lives, that very few of us find our actual purpose. I’m in the process of exploring my inner strength and wish people explore theirs. I need to find out why our thoughts have so many emotions, attachments and so on. However, I’m still a practitioner and not eligible to speak on this topic now.

Another interesting topic close to my heart is from my own experience – accept today’s failure gracefully to turn it into tomorrow’s success!

5. The theme of our upcoming INK2017 is ‘Slingshot’, a mindset which can propel our legacy systems to greater altitudes of innovation and modernity. What is your take on it, keeping in mind the Asian ecosystem?

Everyone thinks unique; every individual is witnessing and pushing themselves to do better in this new era of a data driven world. Innovative cells are triggered and ideas pour in with legacy systems as a base for more exploration. With our current scenario of modernisation, reaching a set goal is not enough. It is a continuous process of adapting to our surroundings, with volumes of data accumulation. As a propeller of modernisation, ‘Slingshot’ is a theme that is far reaching and very relevant.

Watch Rani’s INK Asia 2016 talk here!

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