A bit of cooking, a bit of music and a bit of yoga at Chennai’s INK Youth event

The 2nd of December saw us journeying to Chennai for the 3rd of a series of 8 INK Youth events.

INK Youth is association with RASA Trust is a program in its inception, for middle and high school students, providing them the opportunity to engage in hands-on activities, cross-disciplinary dialogue, and hear from thought leaders and innovators – scientists, designers, technologists, explorers, artists, performers – with an aim to inspire, educate and create awareness. It is a student driven initiative designed to create conversation and build communities across schools (students, parents and teachers) through continuous engagement initiatives.

We had the pleasure of being hosted at the beautiful American International School, Chennai campus for this event which was hosted as part of our Fellows series featuring 3 INK Fellows – Sandesh Reddy, Kenta Koga, Vandana Srinivasan and Sarvesh Shashi. Amongst other speakers, we also heard from 3 student speakers who covered the topics ‘apathy’, ‘video games and their potential’ and ‘reflection’.




Vandana Srinivasan opened with a beautiful song, Chef Sandesh Reddy delivered a delightful talk about making the perfect brownie, Kenta Koga wow-ed the students with the workings of his company Gakko and Sarvesh Shashi in true form had everyone do a bit of dancing before he told his story of becoming a Yogi and opening ‘Zorba’.


20161202-ink-16220161202-ink-308Solonie Singh Pathania wow-ed the audience with her story to being one 3 women in India to have completed the Full Iron Man, 16 year-old Kumaran Brothers spoke of all the amazing apps they’ve developed and Ghatam Karthick closed the event with an incredible interactive performance.

20161202-ink-434We’ll be back with more stories from future events, in the new year.

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