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INK2018: Billionaires of Moments

‘Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.’ This much-quoted mantra for life is the inspiration for the theme of INK Conference 2018:

Billionaires of Moments. Urging each one of us to be a billionaire of moments – to be hungry for moments that matter, to create them, and amass them. To pause, reflect and redefine success on a new barometer hereon.



Workshops & Masterclass

Immersive workshops and masterclasses will be a great opportunity for the participants to dive deep into subjects as varied as Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence to Art and Music, facilitated by leading subject-matter experts and practitioners. The format will be kept informal and highly interactive with smaller groups of participants.


Evenings & Dinners

After a long day of stimulating talks, the evenings at the INK Conferences are a time to let your hair down. Get to know the remarkable participants and speakers over a drink and some amazing food curated by invited chefs. The evenings have a strong local and cultural flavor with the venue, theme and entertainment.


Talks & Performances

The main-stage programming at an INK Conference is carefully curated around the theme. Game changers and thought-leaders from every walk of life will share their stories, ideas and perspectives in short talks between 3-18 minutes. Most sessions will begin or end with performances which will have you thoroughly entertained and up on your feet.


Wellbeing Lounge at INK2018

Our Partner, RoundGlass, to set up a beautiful lounge for our INK family to experience a wide array of experiences and therapies all centred around holistic wellbeing. Get magnetic bio resonance analysis of your body done, stretch your strained muscles with short acts of Tai-chi or Pilates, get your auras mapped, get your pulse read to determine essentials of your body to give you an amazing insight into what’s unique about you as a being, and how you can be the best version of yourself, with knowledge of age old traditions intermingled with technological advances of today.


Anjali Gopalan
Human Rights Crusader
Ankit Agarwal
Founder, Phool.co
Aparajita Jain
Art Gallerist; Co-Founder, Nature Morte
Balki Iyer
Entrepreneur; Co-Founder and Chief Growth Officer
Bharat Kaul
Director, Intel Labs/Parallel Computing Labs (India)
Charlene Ren
Founder, MYH2O Water Information Network
Devdutt Pattanaik
Gary Bencheghib
Environmental-and-water Activist and Filmmaker
Girish Mathrubootham
Product Superstar; Founder & CEO, Freshworks
Hanif Kureshi
Multidisciplinary artist and Designer
Leanne Chukoskie
Munaf Kapadia
Chief Eating Officer, The Bohri Kitchen
Navneeth Sundar
Musician and Performer
Nirman Dave
Founder & Product Head, Obviously AI
Nirupa Rao
Botanical Illustrator
Nitin Sisodia
Founder & CEO, Sohum Innovation lab
Paresh Ghelani
Serial Entrepreneur
Pranav Kothari
Vice President, Large Scale Education Programs
Priya Kuber
CMO, Era Inc and GUN Inc
Pulkit Garg
IAS Officer
Ramesh Rao
Director, CALIT2 UCSD
Ritu Soni Srivastava
Founder & CEO, Obino (Manna Healthcare Pvt. Ltd
Sanjay Podder
Eisenhower Fellow and MD, Accenture Labs India
Shikha Mehra
Director & Co-Founder, Mainchain Research & Consulting
Siddharth Nair
Founder, Zeuron.ai
Sneha Khanwalkar
Music Director
Stefania Magidson
Philanthropist; Founder and President, Blue Heron Foundation
Tarun Jami
Founder & Managing Partner, GreenJams Infrastructures LLP
Tony Fadell
Ipod Inventor, Iphone Co-Inventor, Nest Founder
Vaibhav Lodha
Co-Founder, FTCash
Varsha Patra
CEO & Co-Founder, Homegrown
Varun Sivaram
Philip D. Reed Fellow for Science and Technology
Wendy Calhoun
Television Write and Producer- Empire, Nashville, Justif
Zain Memon
Co-Founder & CTO, Memesys Culture Lab
Zuni Chopra
Teen Author


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