Top 10 INK talks of 2016

Each year, we’re fortunate that our online platforms get visited by many, many people who watch and appreciate the talks given by our Fellows and speakers.

We present to you the top ten most watched talks of 2016, spanning across the conferences and events we’ve had over the years. A perfect round-up to a fun and hectic year. Happy watching!


large_usha_uthup1. Usha Uthup: Skyfall in a Sari


large_aisha_chaudhary2. Aisha Chaudhary: Singing in the life boat



large_varun_agarwal3. Varun Agarwal: from failing in engineering to co-founding a million dollar company


large_arunima_sinha_web4. Arunima Sinha: On top of the world



large_talavya_black_square5. Talavya: Tabla ecstasy



large_bickram_ghosh_web6. Bickram Ghosh: Rhythm jam



large_suranga_nanayakkara7. Suranga Nanayakkara: Humanizing technology



large_aisha_chaudhary8. Aisha Chaudhary: Finding happiness



large_sharad_devarajan_web9.Sharad Devarajan: Heroism in translation



large_usha_uthup10.Usha Uthup: Guitar in a Sari


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