INK2013 Highlights: Preparing for INK2013

Le Meridien Kochi is buzzing with activity as preparations for #INK2013 and #INKlive2013 are well on their way. The theme for this year’s conference, which begins tomorrow, is All That Matters.

INK2013: All That Matters
Curator’s Note:

For over a century, we lived in an industrial economy. Then, as we entered the new millennium, a transition began into an economy driven by knowledge and information. The rules of engagement, the definition of success – all started to change. As we continue this shift from old to new, the transition calls for some timely introspection.

The Book of Genesis provides an interesting metaphor: In the old world, God decides to wash the earth clean of its misdeeds with a great flood. Noah’s Ark is the vessel by which Noah saves himself, his family, and a representative pair of each animal to start the world afresh. As we experience our own upheaval of sorts, what is it that matters most that we should take with us? What defines success in this new world?

Time and again we have observed that measuring success solely in terms of economic wealth can only result in greed and destruction. We need to design a world in which financial sustainability and intellectual integrity are equally valued. In the new world, at an individual level, we need to re-learn the art of learning. In an organisation, we must reward out-of-the box thinking. As a community, we should care for the world around us just as we do for our own families. Only those that continuously reinvent themselves will stand the test of time.

Not long ago, a ‘generation gap’ meant a few decades; but with the increasing pace of technology, what you learn in college is redundant by the time you graduate. In the modern world, a generation gap shrinks to about five years! It is evident that all that matters is the ability to learn, unlearn and relearn at a faster pace than we have ever done before.

Join us in our metaphorical Ark, as we journey on in search of all that matters in art, science, design and technology, carrying us on toward a world that is sustainable, exhilarating and exciting to inhabit.

Lakshmi Pratury

Don’t forget to tune in tomorrow for the Live Webcast. Here’s the conference schedule!

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