Unexpected twists

This mesmerizing performance is full of turns and twists—most surprisingly, that the dancer is a man named Haleem Khan performing in the guise of a woman. With magnificent flair, Haleem graces the floor with a nimble dance, then speaks to Lakshmi Pratury about the years he spent studying his craft in secret as well as what can happen when you just “go and do what you think is right”.

Recorded at INK2015, Mumbai

About the Speaker

Haleem Khan

Haleem Khan grew up in a rich mix of Islamic and Telugu cultures, and was drawn to the classical Indian dance form of Kuchipudi. At 9-years-old, he started his training under the revered Guru Sri K.V Subrahamanyam, disciple of the venerated Guru Sri (Dr.) Vempati China Satyam. Haleem lives in Hyderabad and has given more than 800 solo and group performances all over India and abroad. He has vast experience in teaching dance, choreographing both conventional and fusion, conducting workshops for both private and corporate groups. Haleem enjoyed immense success on his recent road shows in the United States and Malaysia, and immensely enjoys travelling and the continuous learning.

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