Tiffany Brar: Invoking Hope and Creating Opportunities for the Blind

Tiffany Brar is a special educator, accessibility trainer, social activist and a motivational speaker. Despite her visual disability, Brar steered ahead and completed her BA English, BED special education and started a mobile blind school where she travelled across Kerala in search of blind people, with the aim of transforming them from liabilities to assets. She then started Jyothigramaya Foundation, whose sole aim is empowerment and inclusion of the visually impaired. As an activist, she is committed to fighting for the rights of the blind community. She is an avid adventurer, having gone paragliding and skydiving — even enabling some of her students to do the same! Brar is a five-time TED speaker, a national award winner, and has also been appreciated by the late DR. APJ Abdul Kalam, former President of India, for her work.

Recorded at INK2019, Jaisalmer

About the Speaker

Tiffany Brar
Special needs Educator

A special educator, accessibility trainer, a social activist, and a motivational speaker, Tiffany, a born fighter, did not let her disability become a hindrance in her journey forward! Despite all challenges, she steered ahead, with sheer determination. After completing her BA English, and her BED special education, she started a mobile blind school, where she went to the nooks and corners of her state in search of blind people, with

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