The hackerspace revolution

INK Fellow Bilal Ghalib travels the world building ‘hackerspaces’ – collaborative community labs where people share their tools and ideas to experiment, innovate, problem-solve, and actualize their imaginations. Bilal takes us on a tour of the hackerspace movement sprouting up in attics and basements across the Middle East, showing us that the future of innovation is decentralized, open source, and collective.

Recorded at INK2012, Pune, India

About the Speaker

Bilal Ghalib

Bilal Ghalib is an Iraqi American promoting the maker spaces (a "Do-It-Yourself"/ open-source platform) around the world. His makerspaces fostered ideas such as landmine detection systems and a heart monitor that works without the use of electricity, a limited resource in developing nations. WEBSITE: bilalghalib.com

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