Science is a quest to understand

“I personally do science because it is beautiful like art. Beauty is truth and for me, my truth is science”. Physicist Prerna Sharma studies cell membranes. Listen to her talk on the need and importance of basic science for ground-breaking discoveries that can push us beyond boundaries.

Recorded at Road to GES 2017, Hitex Exhibition Centre, Hyderabad

About the Speaker

Prerna Sharma
Assistant Professor, India Institute of Science

Prerna Sharma is a scientist and Assistant Professor of Physics at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore. She is an experimentalist in the area of soft matter and biophysics. She studied at the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai for a Ph.D degree and followed that up with a three-year post-doctoral fellowship at Brandeis University, USA. She has been one of the youngest in the recent history to join IISc as a Professor at the age of 28. Her early research was focused on quantitative understanding of variety of interfacial phenomena such as adhesion, peeling and flow through porous media. She is currently involved in using tools of physics to address problems in membrane biophysics and ciliary beating.

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