Personalized cancer treatment

Cancer biologist Ramanuj Dasgupta discusses his pioneering method of cancer treatment, genomics-driven precision oncology. Through this method Ramanuj and his team can discover what underlying genetic code leads to an individuals cancer development and subsequent medicinal resistance.

Recorded at INK Asia 2016, Singapore

About the Speaker

Ramanuj Dasgupta
Senior Scientist, Genome Institute of Singapore, A*Star

Dr. Ramanuj DasGupta received his Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from St. Stephen’s College and an affiliated Master’s degree in Genetics from Cambridge University. He also went on to earn a Ph.D. in Developmental Biology at the University of Chicago and to pursue postdoctoral studies at Harvard Medical School. In 2005, Ramanuj started his own laboratory at NYU School of Medicine/NYU Cancer Institute and recently transitioned it to the Genome Institute of Singapore. Currently, his lab is focused on investigating the molecular regulation and function of cancer-signaling pathways in tumor progression, metastasis and treatment resistance using the power of the murine/human disease-relevant cell culture and animal PDX models.

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