Maintaining an ethical stand in clinical trials: Meena Dalal

With an MSc. in clinical research, Meena Dalal started her career as Clinical Trial Assistant in 2009; pacing up to be a Sr. Centralized Monitoring Lead at IQVIA alias Quintiles. In May 2019, she founded Trial Guna, a CRO that stands to make reliable healthcare solutions available to the world. So far, Trial Guna has supported 13 Ayush submission studies (Nutraceuticals & Herbal), 04 US-FDA submission studies (Biosimilars & Oncology), 01 European submission study (Braille comprehension on the medicinal package for Visually Challenged) and is currently working on 03 COVID-19 treatment studies for global support. Dalal leads clinical trials that are compliant with regulations and maintain an ethical stand beyond scientific outcomes.

Her biggest influence has been her grandfather, an archaeologist and the only educated person in her family during her formative years. Her hobbies include reading and classical music.



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