India’s own vernacular social network

Farid Ahsan, CEO of ShareChat, gave a riveting talk on how his app has helped create a platform to reach out to millions across India, irrespective of language and geographical barriers. Like Lakshmi said, “Sharechat is all about vernacular beauty!”

Recorded at Road to GES 2017, Hitex Exhibition Centre, Hyderabad

About the Speaker

Farid Ahsan
CEO, Sharechat

Farid is the Co-Founder of ShareChat, India's homegrown social network, and also the leading local language platform of India. He has a Bachelor's degree from the IIT, Kanpur (2014). ShareChat was born out of an experiement to solve the question of the "Where does the content variety in Whatsapp groups come from?". The growing demand for digital vernacular content made this demand-supply equation very apparent to him and his team, and kickstarted their journey for serving the social needs of the next billion internet users in India.

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