Getting kids excited about electronics

Technology educator Shashwat Ratan points out how the education system fails in teaching the fundamentals of technology in a way that sparks curiosity. Watch as Ratan demos ElecroBricks — low-cost electronics kits that do not need any programming or soldering skills — and a range of imaginative things kids have made using it.

Recorded at INK2014, Mumbai

About the Speaker

Shashwat Ratan
Technology Educator

Shashwat co-founded Robo Shack Microtronics with the aim of making learning about technology fun and engaging. Electro Bricks, the low-cost electronics kits designed for children by Robo Shack do not need any prior skills in programming or soldering. The bricks are pluggable with each other and one can create complex circuits using a number of different combinations of the bricks. Shashwat has also worked in fostering the makers movement in the small town of Meerut in Uttar Pradesh. He is passionate about bringing elements of the maker culture into primary and secondary education in India. WEBSITE: electrobricks.in

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