Changing politics with entrepreneurial spirit

Taiwanese entrepreneur turned politician Jason Hsu talks of his mission to use technology, innovation and education to maximise the do-good influence on society. As he says, ” I don’t want to be outside the castle anymore, just watching it. I want to get in there, throw weapons into it and create change”.

Recorded at INK Asia 2016, Singapore

About the Speaker

Jason Hsu
Legislator, Taiwan

Jason Hsu is an educator, design thinker, storyteller and learner of nature. A former journalist for Taiwan News, in 2008 Jason co-founded The Big Question Conference as a way to facilitate, build conversation and network among the youth in Asia. In 2009, he co-founded TEDxTaipei and has been serving as TEDx Ambassador since 2010. Recent work has involved building a new type of school that fosters peer-to-peer, project-based learning and online social learning; the "Starters School" is built upon the theory of beehives and mutualism. Currently, Jason is involved in the creation of Good Lab, a collaborative co-working space in Taipei

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