C Mallesham: Mother of all innovations

One of the important initiatives of INK is its INK Fellows Program that brings together amazing young people, and showcases their work to the world. In this talk, INK Curator and Host Lakshmi Pratury speaks to INK Fellow C Mallesham from Andhra Pradesh in his local tongue, Telugu, to find out his amazing story. A story of how his weaver mother’s agony drove him to invent a loom that would ease her pain at the same time allow her and others like her to keep spinning the silken threads of the famous Pochampalli saris

About the Speaker

C Mallesham

Making the adage, 'necessity is the mother of all inventions', ring true is C Mallesham, who, moved by his mother's suffering, innovated an automatic loom, that is also reviving the dying tradition of the Pochampally silk sari weaving. Laxmi Mallesham is now perhaps the happiest mother in Sharjipet, a village of handloom weavers in Andhra Pradesh. She, and many women weavers, is now free from pain and stress that consumed her for hours on the manual loom.

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