An SMS can set you free

Anu Sridharan’s service NextDrop sends its subscribers a text message 60 min before water is going to arrive at their taps, taking away the stress of guessing when water will come next. The platform enables a powerful exchange of information between government utilities and citizens for improved water management and supply.

Recorded at INK2013, Kochi, Kerala

About the Speaker

Anu Sridharan
Founder-CEO of NextDrop

As a Civil & Environmental Engineer, Anu is passionate about providing more reliable government services to citizens. NextDrop began by tackling the problem of erratic water supply – in most of urban India, water is available only a few hours at a time or a few times a week, but residents have no way of knowing when. Working with operators in the field, NextDrop sends text messages 60 minutes before water arrives in your tap, while also offering utility boards the tools to better manage and track leakages in water supply. Anu has also been selected to the Forbes “30 Social Entrepreneurs Under 30” list

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