How to crack e-commerce

In this revealing talk, SingPost eCommerce CEO Marcelo Wesseler gives a rundown of the six core functions needed to run a successful online business, whether in Singapore or anywhere in the world. To illustrate the lessons he has learned, Marcelo recounts the various challenges faced by his company in the past. From dealing with customers worried about data confidentiality to addressing difficulties in driving traffic, overcoming these obstacles has propelled SingPost to emerge as a major ecommerce enabler for brands such as Adidas, Levi’s, and Muji.

About the Speaker

Marcelo Wesseler
CEO, Singpost Ecommerce

Marcelo Wesseler is the CEO of SingPost eCommerce, member of the Singapore Post Group.SingPost eCommerce serves more than 1000 clients and runs sites like adidas.com.my, levis.co.kr and muji.com.sg. The company is listed on the Singapore stock exchange with two main shareholders; SingTel and Alibaba Group. Prior to joining Singapore Post, Wesseler was Head of eCommerce at RS Components Asia Pacific. During his eight year tenure at Hewlett-Packard in Palo Alto, he was responsible for development of their US eCommerce site and global direct consumer sales. He also established an entirely new eCommerce organisation in Singapore and Shanghai. Wesseler started his career as a senior eCommerce consultant at KPMG Consulting in Switzerland and he was an early eCommerce pioneer when founded three retail businesses and helped establish sonystyle.com, mini.com, bmw.com as well as one of Europe's first online shopping platforms, together with Deutsche Post in 1997

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