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INK speaker Sunitha Krishnan is the co-founder of Prajwala, an NGO that rescues women from brothels and educates their children in order to prevent second-generation trafficking.

The journey of Prajwala commenced with full conviction and faith in people’s participation in the process of change. Although women were concerned about the children, they were not ready for partnership. Prajwala initially had problems in convincing the mothers to become partners and participate to bring about a change in their lives. But eventually they saw the logic and got completely involved in supporting an intervention which will help their children integrate in the mainstream society.

As the journey progressed, Prajwala was faced with the challenge of responding to other related issues such as sex trafficking of children. Out of no choice it became imperative to find ways to intervene. As the needs expanded so also the evolution of other interventions such as rescue, rehabilitation, reintegration and community based prevention.

Following her inspiring talk at TEDIndia 2009, Google donated one of its largest grants to date to Sunitha Krishan's cause and NGO, Prajwala, dedicated to the rehabilitation of trafficking victims. Ten attendees of the conference also donated 10K each, immediately after her talk.

Sunitha Krishnan's TEDIndia talk

At INK2010, Sunitha shared the progress of Prajwala with the audience. One of INK’s partners, YPO, also helped Sunitha financially so that she could build her campus for women and children. Right now Sunitha is working on raising money to release a Malayalam feature film, Ente, produced by her on the theme of trafficking. Shantanu Moitra and Shreya Ghosal have voluntarily contributed to the movie, which will be released soon.

Sunitha Krishnan's INK2010 talk

Find out more about Sunitha Krishnan on http://sunithakrishnan.blogspot.in/

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