Nameet MVS

Japanese Mizuna, exotic lettuces, and rare peppers from the Peruvian Andes – all grown locally in Karnataka, India? Yes, this is actually happening, thanks to Nameet MVS, co-founder of First Agro, India’s first commercial grower organization with Zero Pesticide™ fresh produce. After leaving his full-time job as a pilot and flying instructor in 2011, Nameet , his brothers Naveen MV and KN Prasad came together to pursue their passion for healthy fresh produce.

By combining traditional farming values and contemporary technology, they are creating a new wave of growing fresh produce in India. By applying the best global horticultural practices, First Agro has eliminated harmful toxins & pesticides, ensuring fresh, clean, nutritious and affordable produce for families and businesses across India. They’re changing food culture, one delicious and safe bite at a time.