Farhad Contractor

With over three decades of experience in revival and rejuvenation of ecological systems, Farhad Contractor has worked extensively in the Thar desert, as well as north, south, and central India. He has revived over 9,500 water structures and systems in these regions, and river systems in Alwar and Jaisalmer districts of Rajasthan. He is currently working on the revival of the Noyyal and Bhawani rivers in Coimbatore region of Tamil Nadu. His diverse portfolio covers conserving and reviving forests, and strengthening communities with sustainable agricultural practices both in India and abroad. His work has benefitted over 600,000 people. He also works with various institutions, government, and non-governmental organizations to build ecologically sustainable long-term models that can be replicated. Contractor adopts a systems approach that works from building on-ground models to influencing and changing policies at the state level.