Alan Wagstaff

Alan Wagstaff, currently Learning Manager and concept designer of Green School, Bali, is a director and co-founder of RAW Education Ltd. Alan has had forty years experience in the education sector as a primary and secondary school teacher, a special education teacher, a school principal, and for the last decade, as an independent consultant, mentor and school developer.

He has worked and advised in the U.K., New Zealand, Canada, Indonesia, and Australia. He assists schools interested in developing holistic, student-centred perspectives with policy formation, curriculum innovation in all key learning areas (years 1 – 10), parent education and liaison, behaviour management, co-operative learning, student assessment, learning support, values education, literacy and literacy support, teacher development, mentoring, appraisal, and lesson preparation, and facilitative school management. Over 3,000 educators in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Indonesia have transformed their practice as a result of working with Alan. All participants report unprecedented levels of inspiration and practicality springing from the seminars, workshops, documents, and mentoring offered.