Q.1 Who can apply for the INK Fellows program?

INK is looking for gamechangers specializing in any field; for example (but not limited to) technology, entrepreneurship, health/medicine, architecture and design, science, art/culture/literature, energy and environment, research and academics, education, sports, film/music, and social impact.

Q.2 Is there an age limit?

Applicants across the globe in the age group of 18- 40 can apply to be an INK Fellow.

Q.3 How do I apply?

Please fill out the application form available here.

Q.4 Can I nominate someone to be an INK Fellow?

Aboslutely! If you know someone you think would make a great INK Fellows (and meets the listed criteria), you can nominate them here.

Q.5 What is the selection process?

  • Apply for the program by filling out the application form.
  • The INK internal team reviews each application and the top 100 will be selected based on an internal assessment form
  • Shortlisted candidates will be interviewed by an external jury via a Skype call or video conference following which, our top 50 candidates are shortlisted.
  • INK fellows are selected based on an internal and external assessment.

Q.6 How long does the Fellowship last?

The INK fellowship is a one year commitment program. However, we like our Fellows to remain closely involved with the INK community and the Fellowship for years to come (in whatever capacity they are able). Once an INK Fellow, always an INK Fellow.

Q.7 Is this a paid Fellowship?

No, the INK Fellows program is not a paid program.

Q.8 What happens if I get selected to the program?

Selected INK Fellows will be notified by an email/telephonic call. All other applicants will also be notified via email if they have not been chosen as a Fellow.

Q.9 When do I need to be available to meet with/speak to the INK team?

Your inauguration to the INK community starts at the INK Conference (prior to which you will receive information packs and emails with various details you’ll need). You must be available to speak with the INK team for the INK Fellows introduction webinar, talk curation and feedback sessions.

Q.10 We are part of an organization with multiple cofounders. Can we all apply?

We can accept only one application/nomination from an organization.

Q.11 What is my commitment as an INK Fellow?

This Fellowship is yours, as much as it is ours. This is your Fellowship – be a proud member of the community and uphold its values by enriching it with your contributions. Please look at the Giving back to Fellowship section for more details.

Q.12 If I have applied in the past but wasn’t accepted on to the Fellowship, can I apply again?

Definitely – you’re eligible to apply again.

Q.13 Will INK be involved in my visa application process to attend the conference?

Applicants selected as INK Fellows are responsible for getting their own visas. We do not cover your visa application fees. However, we do provide a formal letter of invitation to facilitate the visa application process.

Q.14 Will my travel and accommodation be provided if I get selected as an INK Fellow?

We will cover your flights (Economy class) to the INK Conference. Travel will be booked on lowest cost available at the time of booking. Once tickets are booked, any changes requested will be to the cost of the Fellow. All local transport and food will also be taken care for the duration of the conference. You will be provided accommodation on a shared basis with another INK Fellow.

Q.15 Can I defer my Fellowship to the following year if for unavoidable circumstances I cannot accept it this year?

Strictly on special permissions a candidate can defer the fellowship. Fellowship can be deferred to 1 year at the most.

Q.16 How many Fellowships does INK award each year?

INK Fellowships are awarded to 20 outstanding individuals every year. However this number may increase based onour Fellows exchange program with partner organizations.

Q.17 What if I miss the application deadline, can I still request to apply?

All applicants must strictly adhere to the application deadlines.

Q.18 If I have an update to my application, who should I contact?

Once an application is submitted a candidate will not be able to make any further changes to their responses. Applicants will be evaluated on the submitted application form only. Make sure to save an offline copy of your responses as our website does not allow you to save your application and come back to it later.

Q.19 Where can I find the list of existing Fellows and view their profiles?

You can have a look at the profiles of all of our INK Fellows from previous years, here.

Q.20 I’ve encountered a technical glitch while working on my application or while submitting it. Who should I contact?

Please write to us on fellows@inktalks.com and we’ll do what we can to help.

If you’ve got any other questions, write to us on fellows@inktalks.com and someone will be in touch.