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Please use any of the following when referring to the INK conference: INK conference, in association with TED; INK conference; INK2012. The following terms are not correct: INK/TED; TED-INK; TEDIndia; TEDxIndia, etc. More about the INK Conference, in association with TED »
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Media Request Tipsheet

Interested in covering the INK Conference, in association with TED?
INK invites a small number of requesting journalists to cover each conference. We give priority to proposals from journalists:
+ who work for mainstream and online media outlets capable of reaching large or influential audiences
+ who have a track record of insightful coverage in areas related to INK
+ who have a specific commission for coverage of the conference (and not just of speakers or others attending) 
Some things to note:
+ We take great care in filming INK for INKtalks. It is very rare that we invite outside cameras for video and TV efforts, but we are happy to evaluate all requests for conference footage. We do not admit outside photographers.
+ We are unable to consider press passes for freelancers without an assignment letter from the outlet for which you wish to report. 
Contact us with your name, the name of your media outlet, and your proposed area of coverage. Press decisions are generally made in the months preceding the conferences, and accepted attending press are notified approximately one month before each event. 

Image Requests

Image requests should be submitted in the Contact section. Image requests must be accompanied by the following information: 
+ Name of publication/outlet 
+ Name of requested image 
+ Publication date 
+ Preferred file format 
+ Deadline for receipt of image 
A photo credit will be provided when the image is delivered. This credit must run in full. 

Media Requests

Requests for interviews should be submitted in the Contact section. Your request should include the following information: 
+ Name of publication/outlet
+ Brief background on your interview request
+ Proposed publication date
+ Your deadline 
All other press requests, including requests to attend the INK Conference, in association with TED, should include the information outlined above and be submitted in the Contact section. Press passes to the INK Conference, in association with TED, are extremely limited, and press attendance will be considered on a case-by-case basis.  

How to republish, link to and embed INKtalks

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