Sunny Singh

President & CEO, Edifecs

Gurpreet ‘Sunny’ Singh is the founder of Edifecs which is one of the fastest growing technology enterprises.

He began his career as a software and industrial engineering expert, working for Expeditors International and Microsoft. Seeing the intractable data-management problems that were plaguing businesses, he designed a solution, and in 1996, launched Edifecs with its first product – SpecBuilder. Sunny led his company from a respectable start, through an existential crisis in the early 2000s, to its present avatar of an industry leader providing a comprehensive set of integrated solutions for the global healthcare ecosystem aimed at improving clinical outcomes, reducing costs and accelerating innovation. Today, on the strength of sheer hard work and a stubborn, unswerving belief in its people and products, Edifecs is a debt-free, profitable global entity with no outside investors. Edifecs has been honored with numerous awards over the years – in business, healthcare and technology.

As President and CEO, Sunny is responsible for strategic direction and ensuring that Edifecs continues to produce the innovative solutions that it is recognized for. He regularly serves as a mentor to his professional colleagues and as an educator for several industry associations. He has testified to the National Committee on Vital and Health Statistics, and has hosted state congressional representatives at Edifecs headquarters to discuss administrative simplification. Sunny’s leadership has won him many accolades, and in 2013, he was invited to the White House to speak to a select group of leading American Sikh entrepreneurs. Sunny holds a bachelor’s degree from IIT, New Delhi, and a dual master’s degree in Industrial Engineering and Computer Science from Montana State University. 

Sunny is committed to supporting socially-conscious enterprises and initiatives. His nonprofit foundation, Sabtera, launched its pilot project in India with a schooling program that allows children from under-resourced communities to discover and pursue their passions and lead integral lives. Even with so many demands on his time, Sunny takes out time for his hobbies. He is an avid golfer and wildlife photographer and enjoys soccer. He also enjoys travelling to new places, learning about people and experiencing provincial culture.

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