Prasenjeet Yadav


Prasenjeet is a photographer, researcher and storyteller based out of India. He holds a Masters degree in Molecular Biology and has pursued research in Molecular Ecology for several years at the National Centre for Biological Sciences in Bangalore, India. Early in his scientific career, he realized that his true passion lay in storytelling. He now combines his experience in research with his photography skills to popularize ecological and conservation sciences in the wider society.

For each story, he collaborates with researchers, managers, policymakers as well as conservationists. In addition to the larger stories, he also produces stories that are directed at specific audiences who have the power to create lasting change.  

In 2014, he received a National Geographic Explorers grant to produce a story on ecology and evolution of species in the SkyIslands of Southern India. He is using his images to create awareness to ensure the long-term survival of this threatened landscape and the endemic taxa that live in it.

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Pictures to save our biodiversity
Pictures to save our biodiversity

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