Mahesh Foundation

Mahesh Jadav’s Mahesh Foundation is a non-governmental organization working for the welfare of children and youth affected by HIV/AIDS in society by providing them education and encouraging them to fight against HIV/AIDS and its surrounding stigma.

In addition to various other types of support, Mahesh is also in the process of constructing a residential school for the children. In the school, they plan to use a unique methodology that believes in multiple intelligence theory and cultivates the natural curiosity of a child. The Mahesh Foundation is hoping that this will enable their HIV+ children to stand out of the crowd and make a good life for themselves.

Alok Shetty, INK 2013 Fellow has designed the school to be eco-friendly and spacious. The construction involves using natural elements as far as possible to reduce carbon footprint. Even during operations, they will be relying on solar lights, solar fans and solar water heating to consume as little grid electricity as possible.

Currently, The Mahesh Foundation is the process of raising funds. As they near completion though, the shortage of funds is affecting the progress of the building. Since the new academic year begins in June 2017, the Mahesh Foundation needs to keep up the pace of construction and the building has to be completed by May 2017 in order to move the children into their own school.

The overall cost of the building is approximately Rs.180,00,000 (One crore and eighty lakhs). So far, they have raised and spent nearly 90 lakhs of which approximately 20 lakhs is left in hand and they are looking at further raise INR 70,00,000/- (INR Seventy lakhs) in order to complete the construction on time.