Following the amazing success of their 2014 installation, ‘Pulse and Bloom’, INK Fellows Shilo Suleman and Saba Ghole came back to Burning Man last year with ‘Grove’, an interactive art installation that uses breath sensors to create a meditative and immersive experience. Visualized as a grove of beautiful low hanging trees, Grove uses biofeedback sensors, connecting our inner workings with tangible art installations.

Grove brought together artists from India with neurotechnologists and architects from America, making it a truly global collaboration. It was a meditation on the interdependence of breath. Every time we breathe in, we inhale the ‘out breath’ of a tree around us, placing ourselves in a constant state of union between the macro-forest outside, and the micro-forest of alveoli within our lungs.

Grove used technology related to the quantified self, to break down the idea of self entirely and to remind us that we are all interconnected, through breath, to every living creature on this planet; from the leaves on trees to the sand of the desert