Since the day I got the privilege to become an INK Fellow, listening to thought provoking talks and meeting inspiring individuals has positively impacted my life.

When I entered the 11th grade, I was in a financial crisis. I did not have enough funds to sustain myself and continue my high school education. The INK community offered its helping hand at this crucial time. It cached me from falling into a pit hole. I survived 11th and 12th and got into Ashoka University with full financial aid. Once the constant panic subsided, I could gain back my passion for technology.

I started working on VR and AR applications and gained hands-on experience on end-to-end VR production. In 2016, I went to The INK Conference to meet the INK family. I met a lot of interesting people. One of them was Kishan, the CEO of Vara United. We had a long passion fueled conversation about VR, AR and the Blockchain technology. I ended up joining Vara United because of that conversation. Now, I'm building and managing the VR team at the company. The way INK changed the trajectory of my life is incredible and I cannot be thankful enough for it.

If I wasn't supported during those hard-times, I would not be where I am today. This certainly proves that a small help at the right time can have a big impact.