Ananda Siksha Niketan

Babar Ali started this school Ananda Siksha Niketan ‘Home of Joyful Learning’ when he was 9 years old. The school is running classes up to 8th standard. There are 10 teaching and non- teaching staff who volunteer their time to educate the children and around 400 students are currently enrolled. There are no tuition fees, thus making it affordable for the poor in this economically deprived area and thereby helping increase literacy rate there. Six of the students joined back as teachers to give back what they had learned as students.

Ananda Siksha Niketan’s mission and goals are mainly to enlighten the students of their community in Murshidabad and help them to stand on their own feet by trying to impart modern education.

Babar has received contributions from Silicon Valley investor and INK Inner Circle member, Ms Asha Jadeja. These funds have gone towards the purchase of land for the Ananda Siksha Niketan’s school building and of course towards construction costs itself.

In 2016, Ixoraa Knowledge Foundation (IKF) awarded Babar a grant as part of the INK Fellows Program, which is supported by Tata Trusts. The grant was provided towards an honorarium for the school’s teaching and non-teaching staff, books and stationery as well as benches and desks for the students.

Ananda Siksha Niketan’s mission is to enlighten the students of their local community in Murshidabad and help them stand on their own feet. The school aims to impart quality, modern education and in the near future, they hope to extend it up to college level. With construction and expansion of the building well under way, Babar is now looking at raising 4 lacs per year towards yearly operational costs.