Trailblazers 2013: INK Fellows Meet

July 26 - July 28, 2013 in Hampi

On their own they've made music and magic, changed systems and touched lives, climbed mountains and run a thousand miles. Alone they've done so much. Just think what they can do together!

Schedule | Venue

The official event hashtag is #fellowsmeet2013

On Thursday, July 25th 2013 buses will leave the INKtalks Bangalore office at 10 PM for Vijyanagar, and arrive at the JSW campus the next morning.


Friday: 26th July

5am Arrival at JSW Vijayanagar  
 5am-10am  Check-in/ Rest/ Registration  Hampi Block/ New Residential Block / Hyatt
9am - 10am Breakfast   Convertor / Eon /Hyatt
10am - 1pm Fellows Hackathon  Kaladham
11:30am - 12:15pm Coffee/Registration, Meet & Greet  
1pm - 2:30pm Lunch  Convertor 
3pm - 4:30pm INK Salon: SESSION 1  JMax Theater
4:30pm - 5pm Coffee Break  
5pm - 6:30pm INK Salon: SESSION 2  JMax Theater
7pm - 8:45pm Dinner  Poolside
 9pm - 11:30pm Late night special screening of the film 'Ship of Theseus,' and  Q&A with director Anand Gandhi  JMax Theater

Saturday: 26th July

8:30-10am Breakfast  Convertor / Eon / Hyatt
10am-1pm Mentorship Session 1  Kaladham
1pm-2:30pm Lunch   Eon
2:30pm-4pm Mentorship Session 2  Kaladham
4pm Depart to Hampi  
5pm Temple Tour   
6pm Hampi light & sound show, performances  
8pm Depart to JSW  
9-10pm Dinner   Kaladham
10pm onward Entertaintment  

Sunday: 27th July

9 - 11am Brunch and Wrap-up  Hyatt
11:30am Depart to Bangalore